The Day You Long For



A surreal drama set on Christmas Day. Sebastian spends this festive season in the hospital after being involved in a car accident. He tortures his mind and soul by reliving the moments that led him down the path of self-destruction to the present moment. Sebastian ventures on a psychedelic journey to seek redemption by entering the world of his subconscious, reliving his memories within his dreams in order to find a way to forgive himself for the mistakes he made and move on.

I was tasked with producing the movie's infinite hallway during the sequences set in Sebastian's sub concious. This effect was pivotal for selling the surreal elements of the film and establishing the dream hallway set from the one that starts the film in the waking world. I produced fully CG set extensions of the hospital set and composited it onto the existing location to sell the never ending hallway. The hallway was created in Maya and rendered in Arnold before being composited using a mix of Nuke and After Effects.